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The ParentMail iOS app has 90,000 daily users and 500,000 downloads from the app store. Parents use the app to receive real time communications, complete forms and make payments for school shop items.

ParentMail (PMX) on the AppStore

Working with the Next mobile team to rebuild and bring in-house their third party developed native mobile applications. The work involved analysing business needs and implementing designs to produce an iOS iPad application with native ecommerce functionality.

Next for iPad

Production of a PHP and MySQL CMS to allow the client to deliver remote updates to the CoreData content in the app.

Classic Car Shows

Recently update to use In App Purchase Subscriptions, Maps and an working on aggregating user driven content such as images from multiple image api providers.

Also have ported to the Android platform in the past.

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Produced as part of a development team with the brief to produce re-useable native e-commerce applications.

The only element delivered at present is a native ios store finder.




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The “Run” mobile payroll outsourcing application was developed while working for ADP. It is only available in the USA.

Run Powered by ADP

Working to an aggressive deadline I was one of three developers creating a iOS client for the .NET based backend service.



The project required the development of an iOS client communicating with a web service.


It uses an internal CoreData store (database) to store and display on a map and list, location based vouchers. The app tracks the users location and uses local notifications to surface offers around the user.

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Programmatically drawing musical notation in a quiz format, good use of timers and core graphics.
Note Perfect

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The brief was to develop an iPhone client to retrieve a one time access code using an algorithm  run on a return from a web service call.

Pinsafe iClient


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A game developed to practice animation, timers and graphic scaling.

Santa’s Helper

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A score notation application for the iPhone 3g developed with iOS 3x.

This revolutionary application was the first of its kind in the app store and my first major iOS project.

No Longer in the store:

YouTube video showing functionality.